7 port router that provides Ethernet and Wi-Fi communication between public transport fare payment devices based on Passive PoE technology. 


 VENDOTEK T Router provides network connectivity for Vendotek T Full validators managing a network of Vendotek T Lite validators or other slave devices. Equipped with an output for GPS/GNSS antenna.  Internet access is implemented via an LTE modem. 


✔  No special software pre-installation is required, the product starts working immediately after power supply. The product is supplied with the OpenWRT operating system. You can create and edit the wireless connection settings yourself.


  VENDOTEK T Router is made for professional installation of validators and other equipment in transport. The product is equipped with individual protection of each connected device.


  The device can be installed in the vehicle or in the driver's cab. Installation is carried out on a vertical or horizontal flat surface using mounting holes located on the housing.

  You can turn off the power by using an external GPIO/RS232. An external button can be connected.  The power-off time for a single pulse is up to 3 seconds.


  The device provides:

- exchange of information between several devices (validators) via a local Ethernet network;

- reliable switching in public transport, replacing wire twists with a professional solution 

- connection to a portable transport terminal, driver's terminal or other device using the interfaces supported by the product;

- receiving and transmitting data over a local network to the driver's terminal or validator that provides wireless communication with the fare payment server ("master"-validator);

- power supply of external devices. For each connected device, a 2A fuse is provided in the product.




•  Ethernet 10/100BaseT - 7 


•  Wi-Fi IEEE 802.11 b/g/n

• The product has an output plug for additional power +9 V up to 22.5 watts.

• On one of the 7 ports, it is possible to switch the output power from the input to +9V using a toggle switch, one for each channel. +9V power supply is not reset using an external button. Also, the plug of this port is duplicated with a standard 8P8C socket for RJ45 patch cord connection.


•  1 х DEGSON 15EDGVC-3.81-02P-14-00AH

•  1 х DEGSON 15EDGVC-3.81-03P-14-00AH

•  1 х DEGSON 15EDGVC-3.81-04P-14-00AH

•  8 х DEGSON 15EDGVC-3.81-06P-14-00AH

•  2 x TJ5-8P8C


•  from -40°С to +80°С

•  working humidity from 10% to 90%, non-condensing

•  storage from -40 to +85 °С 


•  without mounting kit - 205 mm x 116 mm x 34 mm 

•  with mounting kit - 247 mm x 137 mm x 34 mm

•  weight - 0.9 kg


•  directly from the vehicle electrical system, voltage range 12 - 24V, maximum up to 50V

•  protection against polarity reversal and voltage surges in the vehicle electrical system

•  power consumption at a mains voltage of 24V - 100 mA 

•  IK08 heat protection 

•  Certified resistance to vibration and shocks 

•  Certified electromagnetic compatibility CISPR 22-2006, CISPR 24-2013


•  VENDOTEK T Router - 1

• Mating part of the input power plug (optional) – 1

• Mating part of the Ethernet plug 10/100Base T (optional) – 8

• Mating part for button (optional) - 1

• Mating part for output power plug (optional) - 1

•  Manual - 1

•  LTE, DIV, Wi-Fi, GPS/GNSS antennas are not included